The Grammy Awards 2019 

By: Breanne Thomas  Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, Shawn Mendes, Diana Ross, Cardi B, and many more well-known celebrities helped kick off the biggest night in music on Feb. 10 for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Every year the music industry comes together for the Grammy awards ceremony that honors some of the biggest achievements made in music, which makes it one of the most prestigious awards the music industry can offer. Unlike other award ceremony shows where the general public and fans can vote for their favorite artist/band to win in a category, the members of … Continue reading The Grammy Awards 2019 

Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019 

By: Amber Kanoza  On Feb. 3, Super Bowl LII appeared on America’s television screens. It wasn’t just the game between the Patriots and Rams that had everyone’s attention; it was also the commercials. When it comes to this special day, advertisers don’t hold anything back.   “Serena Williams” Bumble Bumble is an app for meeting new people, and not just romantic encounters. This commercial had a very feminist vibe with Serena Williams encouraging women to “make the first move.” She gave advice to women to not wait because we already have the power to make a change.   “We All Win” Microsoft  This heartfelt commercial is a top … Continue reading Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019 

New Year, New Major 

By: DJ Zedalis  In Fall of 2019, classes for Data Analytics will begin. The addition of the Data Analytics major came from Dr. Erika Mochan.   This program is intended to attract more students to Carlow, according to Mochan.  Mochan will be program director in addition to teaching classes. Dr. Beth Zamboni will teach two statistics courses and act as chair of the department. Mochan is currently interviewing candidates to fulfill more staff positions within the department.  The relevance of the Data Analytics major is very high. “My favorite thing about this major is that Data Analytics majors have so many options once they graduate because everything runs on data” Mochan said. “Every business has data that needs to be collected, … Continue reading New Year, New Major 

Spotlight: The Critical Point 

By: Amber Kanoza Photo courtesy of Amber Kanoza The Critical Point is Carlow’s undergraduate literature journal. Dr. Anne Rashid, Associate Professor of English and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, is the faculty advisor for the publication. She has been with the Critical Point since she came to Carlow 11 years ago. The student-run editorial staff makes decisions on which pieces are selected upon submission. Anna Havrilla, senior English and political science major who is also a part of the Critical Point staff, stated that it is based on a point system. “Once everyone has read all the pieces, the staff gets together and averages out the points. From … Continue reading Spotlight: The Critical Point 

Where and Why: Treats n Beans

By: Brandee Salinas A few blocks from campus is a small oasis of decadence. Treats n Beans is one of the newest restaurants to open in Oakland. It is a dessert and coffee shop located at 118 Meyran Avenue here in Oakland. The location opened in the beginning of January 2019. Treats n Beans is a franchise that is popular in Jordan. According to the Pittsburgh location owner, this is the first location to open in Pittsburgh as the business wishes to expand within the United States.   The menu consists of waffles, pancakes, crepes, milkshakes, coffee, and even nachos. … Continue reading Where and Why: Treats n Beans

Student Testimonials: BLOC  

By: Bria Rathway  Hello everyone! My name is Bria Rathway and I am a recent Carlow University graduate. My time at Carlow was more than I could have ever asked for. All I did was blink and 3 ½ years later here I am. I graduated with two majors, Human Resources and Management in Health Services with a minor in Information Technology. Currently I am working as a Researcher at UPMC in their Talent Acquisition Department with the nursing team. I am so blessed to have landed this amazing opportunity and I have BLOC to thank for it!   I joined BLOC my freshman year and then was voted as Secretary of BLOC in sophomore year … Continue reading Student Testimonials: BLOC  

Carlow’s First Annual Cabaret 

By: DJ Zendalis   On Feb. 4, Carlow’s theatre produced their first annual cabaret. The cabaret showed Carlow University that you can enjoy fan favorite songs from musicals without listening to the entire musical. Songs performed in the cabaret stretched a variety of musicals ranging from “Grease” to “The Book of Mormon.”  Co-directed by Britt Haefeli, sophomore communication and media major and Jon Brown, sophomore biology and perfusion major, fellow Carlow students of all ages and majors came together to make a great show. “I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, we even ran out of chairs,” Haefeli stated. “Everyone performed so well. We all came together as a team, and I can’t thank all of the performers enough for the … Continue reading Carlow’s First Annual Cabaret 

About the ‘What’s Good Carlow? Podcast’

By: Ryan Bradigan-Barnett  What’s Good Carlow?  There is a new podcast on campus called “What’s Good Carlow.” It covers all things Carlow, including sports, student spotlights and campus activities.   DJ Zedalis, sophomore communication and media major and Ryan Bradigan-Barnett, junior communication and media major are the hosts … Continue reading About the ‘What’s Good Carlow? Podcast’

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 5

WHAT’S GOOD CARLOW! Your boys DJ and Ryan are back for their big fifth episode. The lads sit down for the intro with Bart, an exchange student from the Netherlands to go over what is happening around Carlow University and his experiences so far in the United States. Then, the boys get their theater on and sit down with first-year student, Zach. They talk about the recent play produced at Carlow, as well as ideas for an upcoming musical. The guys wrap up the show with first-year cross-country/track student-athlete Ethan, and talk about how out of shape DJ is! Hope … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 5