Where and Why: Treats n Beans

By: Brandee Salinas A few blocks from campus is a small oasis of decadence. Treats n Beans is one of the newest restaurants to open in Oakland. It is a dessert and coffee shop located at 118 Meyran Avenue here in Oakland. The location opened in the beginning of January 2019. Treats n Beans is a franchise that is popular in Jordan. According to the Pittsburgh location owner, this is the first location to open in Pittsburgh as the business wishes to expand within the United States.   The menu consists of waffles, pancakes, crepes, milkshakes, coffee, and even nachos. … Continue reading Where and Why: Treats n Beans

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 3

In this episode, DJ and Ryan sit down with Campus Activity Board (CAB) members, Clare and Nat, to talk about what’s good with things going on around Carlow University. Afterward, they interview Amber, the editor in chief of the Carlow Chronicle (the university’s student-run newspaper) to discuss how their system works. To wrap up the show, everyone sits down to debate conspiracy theories. Until next time, this has been your boys DJ and Ryan, deuces. (27:34). This podcast is an unofficial production created by students, for students. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Carlow University. Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 3

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 1

What’s Good Carlow? It’s your hosts DJ and Ryan dropping the first ever episode of the “What’s Good Carlow” Podcast. DJ and Ryan introduce themselves in this episode before DJ gets a solid workout in, the guys break down what to look forward to in future episodes of the podcast and what kind of ideas for segments will be included (0:00-8:00). After breaking down the ideas for the podcast, your boys jump right in to their first ever interview with senior basketball player Kayla. With Kayla, the boys break down how this season has been going and what it’s like … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 1

Better Know a Celtic: Professor William S. Schweers Jr., JD

When and how did you come to Carlow?

2008. I was ready to transition out of law, and Emma Lucas-Darby offered me a position. I will be forever grateful to her.

 If you were given a million dollars to launch a business, what would it be?

10 years ago, I would have said opening a bookstore, and my million dollars would be gone. Amazon is about to take over the world. I’m concerned with the actual Amazon, the one in South America. I like to promote a business to protect the environment. Continue reading “Better Know a Celtic: Professor William S. Schweers Jr., JD”

Toonesum’s New Exhibit Focuses on the Wonder Women of Comics

by Kate Stafford

The Toonseum may sit at the edge of the cultural district, but it is at the forefront of celebrating pop culture as an art form. The museum is “not a little kid’s museum,” founder and President Joe Wos explains, to dispel any hesitations that adults can’t fully enjoy the exhibits centered on cartoons and comics. Visitors will feel their inner child’s glee as they walk into the Toonseum and are greeted with the gift shop of geekery and a life-size Acme anvil dangling overhead. Music drifts softly throughout the newly expanded space on Liberty Avenue and as visitors hum along with the “mah-nah-mah-nahs” of The Muppets soundtrack there is an immediate sense that this is someplace special.

Continue reading “Toonesum’s New Exhibit Focuses on the Wonder Women of Comics”

Celebrating Fifty Years of Doctor Who

By Katelyn Stafford

Doctor Who turned fifty this year, and the BBC’s celebrations have culminated in an anniversary special that aired in late November. To clarify, the show itself has turned 50 this year; the eponymous time-traveling alien, on the other hand, has been saving humanity from Daleks and Cybermen for about 900 years give or take, making him very old. If all that sounded like complete gibberish, then fear not! This article is here to answer the semi-centennial question: Doctor Who? Continue reading “Celebrating Fifty Years of Doctor Who”

Better Know a Celtic: Jean Berkeley , Coordinator of Transfer Services

When and how did you come to Carlow?

I moved away from Pittsburgh many years ago, and then– as happened to many of us, I reached a point where it seemed it was time to come back.  So I did.  I was hired at Carlow in September of 2007 as an Academic Advisor and Transfer Coordinator.

If you were given a million dollars to launch a business, what would it be?

I’m not really interested in starting a business at this point.  I would probably use the money to support other people’s business start-ups.  Benevolent benefactor.  That sounds right. Continue reading “Better Know a Celtic: Jean Berkeley , Coordinator of Transfer Services”

Dos and Don’ts to Finish the Semester Strong

By Emily Szitas

When the due date for an important class project is looming near, try breaking it up into many small tasks.

DO –  Since it can be difficult to get yourself motivated to start on a huge task, handle the stress by breaking up the project into small intervals over several days. Try putting in 20 or 30 minutes of time daily at the library where you can focus and concentrate. Work on your project, and you will slowly see it begin to accumulate and, before you know it, you’ll be able to piece together a completed work.

DON’T – Don’t look at your calendar and decide you should dedicate the day before the due date entirely to working on your project. Morning, noon, night- work, work, work! If you decide to handle the entire thing in one day you are not going to look forward to that day. This approach may sound great now, but basically it amounts to procrastination. Don’t let yourself off the hook now only to feel overwhelmed later. Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts to Finish the Semester Strong”

Nobel Prize Winner for Literature is a Suprise this Year!

By Emily Szitas Author Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, but she has been on Carlow’s radar for some time already. Dr. Ellie Wymard, who is an English professor and the Chair of the Master of Fine Arts program, has been paying attention to Munro’s work for some time. “Munto is probably the greatest living short story writer that we have in the world,” Wymard said. She explained that Munro’s main characters are women who live in the 20th or 21st century in rural Canada, which is Munro’s home, but they deal with universal themes. … Continue reading Nobel Prize Winner for Literature is a Suprise this Year!

Underground Tunnels at Carlow

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons By Emily Shawgo With winter rolling in any time now, bringing cold winds and slippery steps and hills, a common sentiment on campus is “I wish we could get from one building to another without having to go outside!”  What many students don’t know, however, is that at one time, this was in fact possible on Carlow’s campus.  Turns out, the campus is actually connected through a web of underground tunnels.  So what are these tunnels, why are they there, and why don’t we get to use them to dodge the winter weather? If you’ve walked … Continue reading Underground Tunnels at Carlow