Things to do During Quarantine

Written By: Marena Glaister Being in quarantine for the coronavirus outbreak has been a drastic change for us all, but how are you spending your time?  Are you finding yourself bored and doing the same unhealthy things daily?  Well I have some good news! I put together a list of fun and healthy things to do, inspired by Talk to Mira and The Macey Lynn blogs, while we are all still stuck in quarantine.  Yoga. It is difficult to stay fit while being stuck in your home (unless you have a gym of course) so one suggestion is to try is yoga.  Yoga helps with decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, bettering one’s quality of sleep, and increasing flexibility and strength.  Yoga classes are available … Continue reading Things to do During Quarantine

Self-Care Article: Earth Day Edition

Written By: Marena Glaister Earth Day was on April 22, but it is still Earth week from April 19-24. What better way to spend it (even in quarantine) than taking care of yourself and some plants?  Taking care of a plant, or a few, can keep you occupied and calm your nerves during quarantine.  It gives you the responsibility of taking care of a living thing that will also benefit you. Many plants can clean the air in your house. Another bonus is the color they bring into a room.  The following chart shows some plants that are easy to take care of, and clean the air in an inside room the best:   Barberton Daisy English Ivy Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue Chrysanthemum … Continue reading Self-Care Article: Earth Day Edition

Baking with a Twist: Homemade Pretzels and How Baking Can Help Your Mental Health

Written By: Clare Duffus  Ingredients  2 cups milk  2 packets active dry yeast  6 tablespoons brown sugar  4 tablespoons of melted butter  4 ½ cups flour  2 teaspoons fine salt  5 tablespoons baking soda  3 cups warm water  Coarse salt   8 tablespoons of melted butter  Directions   … Continue reading Baking with a Twist: Homemade Pretzels and How Baking Can Help Your Mental Health

Rodents in Tiernan

By Caitlin McDonough  After several news reports about the Allegheny County Health Department’s inspection of Tiernan Hall and the evidence of rodents in the kitchen surfaced over the last week, students are concerned about Carlow’s dining services.  The inspection report included at least 11 “high risk” violations regarding pest management and food storage issues, including fresh and old rodent droppings around storage racks and the dish washer. It also cited several walls that needed resealed to ensure no rodents get in and numerous (15+) fruit flies in multiple areas of the kitchen.   Although a video went around the university earlier in February of a mouse spotted in Tiernan, it was not … Continue reading Rodents in Tiernan