One Billion Rising

Written by: Miranda Depkon   In Feb. 2020, One Billion Rising campaigned to bring awareness to ending sexual and physical violence against women. On Valentine’s Day in 2012, the campaign started by people rising and dancing to get the public’s attention. Today, women all over the world are still faced with violence – One Billion Rising calls people to rise to end … Continue reading One Billion Rising

Black History Month: How it all Began

Written by: Maia Williams  Black History Month begins on Feb. 1 each year to honor several African Americans who have helped shape United States history. According to CNN, Carter G. Woodson, an African-American Historian, wrote black Americans into the nation’s history. He founded Negro History week in 1926 which later expanded to Black History Month in 1976.  Woodson was troubled by how history textbooks didn’t acknowledge America’s black population. He made it his duty to include black Americans into the nation’s history by establishing the Association for the study of Negro Life and History. He also founded the publication, The Journal of Negro History.  “Real education means to inspire people to live more abundantly, to … Continue reading Black History Month: How it all Began

Around the World

Written by: Lana Al Doori Iraq: “Going to claim my rights” Iraqi protestors attest.    On Oct. 1 2019, mass demonstrations in Iraq were assembled against corruption, unemployment, outside interreferences (Iran in particular), and political quotas. During those two days 107 people were killed and 2458 people injured in Baghdad. According to BasNews, 23,545 people have been injured and more than 500 killed since Oct. 1. Demonstrations have been occurring periodically over time, but the October protests were different. It has completely turned into a revolution. The difference about this revolution is that it’s driven by the viewpoint of post-2003 generation.   Mada Masr news article “Forty Days of Revolution in Iraq” by Ahmed Youssef, propose that the demonstration is not lead by any religious or political officials. It’s also independent of any communal or ethnic group. It is guided by a conscious … Continue reading Around the World

Rodents in Tiernan

By Caitlin McDonough  After several news reports about the Allegheny County Health Department’s inspection of Tiernan Hall and the evidence of rodents in the kitchen surfaced over the last week, students are concerned about Carlow’s dining services.  The inspection report included at least 11 “high risk” violations regarding pest management and food storage issues, including fresh and old rodent droppings around storage racks and the dish washer. It also cited several walls that needed resealed to ensure no rodents get in and numerous (15+) fruit flies in multiple areas of the kitchen.   Although a video went around the university earlier in February of a mouse spotted in Tiernan, it was not … Continue reading Rodents in Tiernan

New Year, New Major 

By: DJ Zedalis  In Fall of 2019, classes for Data Analytics will begin. The addition of the Data Analytics major came from Dr. Erika Mochan.   This program is intended to attract more students to Carlow, according to Mochan.  Mochan will be program director in addition to teaching classes. Dr. Beth Zamboni will teach two statistics courses and act as chair of the department. Mochan is currently interviewing candidates to fulfill more staff positions within the department.  The relevance of the Data Analytics major is very high. “My favorite thing about this major is that Data Analytics majors have so many options once they graduate because everything runs on data” Mochan said. “Every business has data that needs to be collected, … Continue reading New Year, New Major 

Spotlight: The Critical Point 

By: Amber Kanoza Photo courtesy of Amber Kanoza The Critical Point is Carlow’s undergraduate literature journal. Dr. Anne Rashid, Associate Professor of English and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, is the faculty advisor for the publication. She has been with the Critical Point since she came to Carlow 11 years ago. The student-run editorial staff makes decisions on which pieces are selected upon submission. Anna Havrilla, senior English and political science major who is also a part of the Critical Point staff, stated that it is based on a point system. “Once everyone has read all the pieces, the staff gets together and averages out the points. From … Continue reading Spotlight: The Critical Point 

Where and Why: Treats n Beans

By: Brandee Salinas A few blocks from campus is a small oasis of decadence. Treats n Beans is one of the newest restaurants to open in Oakland. It is a dessert and coffee shop located at 118 Meyran Avenue here in Oakland. The location opened in the beginning of January 2019. Treats n Beans is a franchise that is popular in Jordan. According to the Pittsburgh location owner, this is the first location to open in Pittsburgh as the business wishes to expand within the United States.   The menu consists of waffles, pancakes, crepes, milkshakes, coffee, and even nachos. … Continue reading Where and Why: Treats n Beans