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Welcome to the Future: OpenAI is Making Plenty of Noise

Written by Parker Wadding
In November 2022 OpenAI unexpectedly dropped ChatGPT-3, the newest technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  After just the first two months of being available to the public, ChatGPT gained over 30 million users and around 5 million users a day, making it one of the fastest-growing software products according to The New York Times.  

East Palestine Ohio Environmental Disaster Visit  

This is an opinion piece written by David Rowan, a student at Carlow University who is not affiliated with the Carlow Chronicle. The essay was originally written for the Environmental Justice class about his trip to East Palestine, Ohio after the train derailment spilled toxic chemicals and contaminated the soil. Rowan discussed the impact that the derailment has on the community and raises the question of if this is going to be the new normal. It was submitted with approval by David Rowan to publish in the Chronicle. Current students can also submit their work by emailing