What’s Good Carlow? Episode 5

WHAT’S GOOD CARLOW! Your boys DJ and Ryan are back for their big fifth episode. The lads sit down for the intro with Bart, an exchange student from the Netherlands to go over what is happening around Carlow University and his experiences so far in the United States. Then, the boys get their theater on and sit down with first-year student, Zach. They talk about the recent play produced at Carlow, as well as ideas for an upcoming musical. The guys wrap up the show with first-year cross-country/track student-athlete Ethan, and talk about how out of shape DJ is! Hope … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 5

Sochi 2014

This February, the highlight of international sports will be the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With the many competitions that will be held, the tight schedule that is necessary to fit all of the games into three weeks, and the large time difference between here and Russia, it can be tough to keep up with all of the events that are being broadcast. However, if you want to see the events that Team USA is expected to be a top contender in, here is your guide to our Olympic favorites! Continue reading “Sochi 2014”