Fall 2019 Carlow Chronicle Staff

Editor-in-Chief – Maia Williams

Managing Editor – Briana Springer

Copy Editors – Briana Springer, Maia Williams

Layout Coordinators – Alexandra Kunz, Meghan Vence, Anamarie Martinez-Turak

Staff Photographer – (vacant)

Online Content Manager – Patricia Miralles

Social Media Team – Rachel Navarro, Tevin Scott

Podcast Squad – DJ Zedalis, Ryan Bradigan-Barnett

Business Manager – (vacant)

Faculty Advisors – Dean Simpson, Jennifer Snyder-Duch

Staff Writers – Kirsten Barron, Ryan Bradigan-Barnett, Clare Duffus, Alexandra KunzAnamarie Martinez-Turak, Patricia Miralles, Rachel Navarro, Tevin Scott, Briana Springer, Meghan Vence, Maia Williams, DJ Zedalis

Chronicle Staff 2019


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