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Written by: Lana Al Doori Iraq: “Going to claim my rights” Iraqi protestors attest.    On Oct. 1 2019, mass demonstrations in Iraq were assembled against corruption, unemployment, outside interreferences (Iran in particular), and political quotas. During those two days 107 people were killed and 2458 people injured in Baghdad. According to BasNews, 23,545 people have been injured and more than 500 killed since Oct. 1. Demonstrations have been occurring periodically over time, but the October protests were different. It has completely turned into a revolution. The difference about this revolution is that it’s driven by the viewpoint of post-2003 generation.   Mada Masr news article “Forty Days of Revolution in Iraq” by Ahmed Youssef, propose that the demonstration is not lead by any religious or political officials. It’s also independent of any communal or ethnic group. It is guided by a conscious … Continue reading Around the World

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 3

In this episode, DJ and Ryan sit down with Campus Activity Board (CAB) members, Clare and Nat, to talk about what’s good with things going on around Carlow University. Afterward, they interview Amber, the editor in chief of the Carlow Chronicle (the university’s student-run newspaper) to discuss how their system works. To wrap up the show, everyone sits down to debate conspiracy theories. Until next time, this has been your boys DJ and Ryan, deuces. (27:34). This podcast is an unofficial production created by students, for students. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Carlow University. Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 3

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 2

In this episode of What’s Good Carlow, DJ and Ryan cover what is happening around campus. They cover the Pink the Pavilion basketball games and how the event went as well as talk about some of the floor events happening in the residence halls (0:00-7:38). After that, they interview first-year boxer Anthony and talk a little more in-depth about the boxing world along with how it is to be an unconventional student-athlete (7:42-18:00). Looking for new music? After sitting down with Anthony, your boys are joined by fellow sophomore Julia as they start their new Spotify playlist and listen to … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 2

What’s Good Carlow? Episode 1

What’s Good Carlow? It’s your hosts DJ and Ryan dropping the first ever episode of the “What’s Good Carlow” Podcast. DJ and Ryan introduce themselves in this episode before DJ gets a solid workout in, the guys break down what to look forward to in future episodes of the podcast and what kind of ideas for segments will be included (0:00-8:00). After breaking down the ideas for the podcast, your boys jump right in to their first ever interview with senior basketball player Kayla. With Kayla, the boys break down how this season has been going and what it’s like … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow? Episode 1