COVID-19’s Effect on the Arts

Written by Caitlin McDonough COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on the visual arts at Carlow and the Carlow University Art Gallery just as it has for cultural organizations in the region and across the globe. – Amy Bowman-McElhone As we all know, we are living in uncertain times full of cancellations and closings of schools, businesses, stay-at-home orders, unemployment, and above all, fear and worry about our future. Businesses in certain areas across the U.S. are beginning to open up again, but facemasks, social distancing, and capacity limits seem to have become the new normal. Over 36 million Americans … Continue reading COVID-19’s Effect on the Arts

“You” Netflix Review

By Maia Williams  Have you ever had such a strong obsession that it made you do the unthinkable? The psychological thriller “You” first premiered on Lifetime on Sep. 9, 2018. The series later premiered as a Netflix original on Dec. 26, 2018. The series sheds a light on how detrimental an obsession can be.  It showcases the insane obsession bookstore manager Joe (Penn Badgley) has for Beck (Elizabeth Lail), an aspiring writer. Joe is working at the bookstore and instantly falls in love with her instantly. After a brief conversation, he gets her name and phone number. Joe begins finding … Continue reading “You” Netflix Review

Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019

By: Amber Kanoza On Feb. 3, Super Bowl LII appeared on America’s television screens. It wasn’t just the game between the Patriots and Rams that had everyone’s attention; it was also the commercials. When it comes to this special day, advertisers don’t hold anything back.   “Serena Williams” Bumble  Bumble is an app for meeting new people, and not just romantic encounters. This commercial had a very feminist vibe with Serena Williams encouraging women to “make the first move.” She gave advice to women to not wait because we already have the power to make a change.   “We All Win” Microsoft  … Continue reading Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019

Women’s Soccer Recap

By: Danielle Levato The women’s soccer team ended their season this year at the River States Conference Championship Semifinals with a 1-0 loss against the second seeded team, Asbury University.   The second seeded Eagles scored the only goal of the game during the 68th minute to upset the second seeded Carlow Celtics. “It is unfortunate that we were unable to capitalize on the corner that we earned late in the game, but I think my team played well and we did not give up,” said Kristina Wallace.  During the first half, Asbury out-shot the Celtics 9-4, and for Carlow co-captain, senior Kristina Wallace put up the Celtics only shot on goal.  The Celtics … Continue reading Women’s Soccer Recap

Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake

By: Brandee Salinas   Ingredients:  Crust:  1 package crushed Oreos  ¼ cup of melted butter  Cheesecake:  4 (8oz) packages of cream cheese  1 1/3 cup of powdered sugar  3 tbs cocoa powder  4 eggs  3 tsp peppermint extract  10 oz melted semi-sweet chocolate   Topping:  ¾ cup heavy cream  1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips  ½ cup crushed peppermint  Directions  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix Oreo crumbs with melted butter.  Press into 9-inch spring form pan. Bake for 8 minutes. Remove from oven.  In a mixer, cream together cream cheese, powdered sugar and cocoa powder until well blended. Mix in 1 egg at a time. Blend in peppermint extract and melted chocolate. Mixture will … Continue reading Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake

You Have A Voice 

By: Kirsten Barron  According to a Tufts University poll, 31% of 18-29-year-old Americans voted in the 2018 midterm elections. It may not sound very impressive, but it’s notably higher than the 21% in 2014. This year’s record turnout included many Carlow students. Here are reasons some students exercised their 15th Amendment rights.  Sarah Majetic, a professional counseling grad student, believes that if college students want to see changes in legislation, they need to vote. “If you continue to be silent, you can’t expect to have a voice,” says Majetic. “If you want a say, you have to do it through the avenues provided.” College students are concerned about exorbitant … Continue reading You Have A Voice 

Diverse Christmas 

By: Kirsten Barron  As the church bells chime for early morning mass on Dec 24 in Caracas, Venezuela, the streets fill with traffic: roller skate traffic. For over a week preceding Christmas, the streets of Caracas are closed to motorized vehicles before 8 a.m. to ensure the safety of those skating to mass.  This unique practice is one of the many diverse traditions surrounding the Christmas holiday celebrated by people around the globe. Here Christmas means Santa, Christmas trees, and shopping for gifts, but the holiday has inspired a range of beautiful traditions worldwide. The Christmas season begins early in the Philippines, where Christmas carols fill the playlists as early as September. As the holiday approaches, city streets … Continue reading Diverse Christmas 

What to do over Christmas break in Pittsburgh

By: Brandee Salinas Finals may have left you feeling like a bit of a Grinch, but during the holidays Pittsburgh is bustling with activities to make you jolly again. Whether you’re looking for an outing with friends and family or a romantic holiday date, the activities listed below have you covered.  Phipps Conservatory Winter Flower Show  Every year after Thanksgiving, Phipps transforms into a winter wonderland. Each year brings a different theme for the Conservatory. According to their website, this year’s theme is ‘Let it Glow!’ and it promises to be bigger and brighter than previous years. Show your Carlow ID to get into this attraction free of … Continue reading What to do over Christmas break in Pittsburgh

Faculty Spotlight: Meet Your New Provost, Dr. Ghosh!

In June, Carlow University welcomed Dr. Sibdas Ghosh as the new Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. He has been all over the world and has gained a lifetime of knowledge from his travels. Dr. Ghosh hopes to be involved in student’s academic journeys as much as possible. He was born in India and has traveled through the U.K, Nigeria, Canada and the United States during his academic career. Dr. Ghosh’s doctorate is in molecular biology from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. He has held research positions to explore biology remediation. Now that he has accepted his … Continue reading Faculty Spotlight: Meet Your New Provost, Dr. Ghosh!