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The Modern Glitch: EP talk




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The Modern Glitch, a quintet from Australia, is almost ready to release their debut EP. It’s been a year since our last conversation, and I was able to catch up with guitarist, Sam Wearne before 2017 ended.

“It’s been a quiet year for us,” Wearne said. Jesse [Curnow] traveled Europe for four months and Mitch and Brendan [King] came to the U.S. for a few weeks. “It made it kind of hard to really gig heaps this year, so most of our attention was on our EP and getting it sound the way we wanted it to sound,” Wearne said. When they were together, the guys spent their time recording and mixing the EP. “It’s been such a long process to get it to the quality that we wanted it to be.”

The EP is yet to be named and will hopefully be released in March. “We are still working on some promotional aspects of the EP at the moment,” Wearne said.

Wearne said that when The Modern Glitch was recording their EP, they jumped around from studio to studio. “[First,] we had one engineer work on the EP in late 2016 and we weren’t really happy with the result.” They spent the rest of 2016 and most of 2017 tracking at Hill Valley Studios, at Wearne’s home studio, and mixing the EP with an engineer named Tim McArtney in Sydney. “We spent most of our time with him trying to bring all of our ideas to life,” Wearne said.

They mastered the EP with Andrew Edgson from Studios 301 in Sydney. “He has worked with some amazing artists so it was really cool to work with him on this and give us a professional sound,” Wearne said.

When asked about what the fans should expect from the EP, Wearne replied: “Expect to jam out with us. Hopefully, people really dig our music. We want them to be as involved in our music as we are.”

Most of the songs on the EP were written over the course of the past two years. “It’s just taken so long to get them recorded and mixed to the quality we wanted,” Wearne said that they drew inspiration from about every music genre. “It was so great to implement some ideas and aspects of bands and musicians that we love- and tried to implement them into our songs,” He added, “I guess our music and lyrics are about what was happening in our lives at the time of writing.”

Wearne said that his favorite song from the EP is called “Fools”. The song talks about depression and love. “It’s probably one of the most emotional songs we have,” Wearne said. “It’s sort of imagining [if they were people], what would we say to them?” In contrast, the music in “Fools” is very uplifting and they all love playing it.

“Let Me Down”, the very last song on the EP, was almost a completely different sounding song. Wearne said that “Let Me Down” was upbeat and had a long solo section in it. In the end, they stripped the song and re-wrote it completely. “We loved the vibe we got from it, so we decided to keep it that way,” Wearne said.

The Modern Glitch hope to tour anywhere and everywhere in 2018. “We are trying to find our feet so to speak, so we’d love to tour anywhere that will have us.”

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While waiting for their EP to release, stream some of their tunes and watch their music video for their single “Me and You”.

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